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Our First Gold Coast Century Ride

Leaving Brisbane

Our First Gold Coast Century Ride

A group of once band bros turned cycling gang have decided to ride 2000kms through Europe in 2017. For our continual preparation we decided that an old-fashioned Gold Coast Century (100kms) ride was in order.


First half of the riders at the start
7 A.M Start!


Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain
08:24:55 05:05:16 102.90 20.22 49.68 629.00
hours hours km km/h km/h meters


Meet the crew:

The Ride

With 1 man down (football injuries) we started out from Brisbane. All was going smoothly, until The Fearless Ride Leader started to get confused as to which of the many ways was the correct route….

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Almost in spite of my misdirection, i was dished out a nasty nail to the tire. This slowly began to deflate the moral of the group, until almost 15kms later there was a second puncture. This time, it was the tire.. Thankfully we where able to repair the ruptured tire with an inner tube patch!



We continued over the rolling hills stopping at various petrol stations along the way, refuelling with various liquids and energy dense gels (LegsOnFire wasn’t so keen on the gels).



Coming into the gold coast was spectacular. The accomplishment left our rose-coloured sunglasses scorched with the salt from sweat and the coastal air. We decided that Southport would be our beer destination, and eventually arrived whilst passing many busy cars and a monster truck madness.


Beer O’clock
Beer O’clock

It was pretty tough having to get back on the bike to finish the 100kms. We rode out to the Spit and took some photos, then continued onto Helensvale Train Station with 102kms on the clock… after a bike squat of course!


Great ride by all! Well done on the boys completing their first 100km Ride. Its a real honour to be a part of this journey!


Bike Squat
100km Bike Squat.