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Mt Nebo Cycle Touring – Light Line Road


Light Line Road Bush Camp

Light line road bush camp is a perfect spot for a weekend getaway to trail out your touring equipment without being too far away from Brisbane. The camping spot is small (recommended 6 people in tents, more in hammocks if required), but definitely worth the trip.


You can access the camp from Brisbane multiple ways, either up the Goat Track from Samford Valley through Highvale, or up the front side from The Gap along Mt Nebo Road. Either way is good, however up the Goat Track doesn’t have as much elevation, which is definitely recommended if you haven’t toured that much and are probably carrying too much gear. You can also get to the campsite via South Boundary Road, but you need wider tires with tread enough to navigate firetrails for this to be a viable option.


The department of national parks has some great information you can follow from this link here as well as the trail map found here. Camping is about $5-6 per night/per person and helps to keep these places open and operating. This can be found here.

The Ride To Camp

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The Ride Home

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Gear / Water & Food

I camped in a tent for this trip, as it was quite cold during winter. The sleeping bag was for 0 degrees and was just warm enough. I stayed by myself for this trip, but definitely recommend traveling with a friend as the birds can cause an unwanted restless sleep. A full list of the gear that i used can be found here.

The biggest problem with Mt Nebo is there isn’t any water at the top (Updated – There is limited water at camp and must be treated). You must take enough water to survive you to the bottom. I took approximately 3L (2 X 1.25L Bottles plus my bike water bottle), however because I took South Boundary Road home, I actually should have taken more water as there was none on the way home until i got to Mt Cootha.

I took bananas and cliff bars for the ride to the campsite. The ride wasn’t too long, so not much ‘during ride’ sustenance was required. I had tinned chilli mix for dinner which was heated up in my Trangia, and Porridge made with oats and sultanas for Breakfast.




During my stay, i looked at the map at campsite and realised that i could cut out a large chunk of unnecessary distance by using a “break”. Its called Township Break. DO NOT Go Down This Track With A Fully Loaded Bike!  The track stops at the bottom of a creek after some very steep descents. I had an extremely hard time trying to return back up those descents with a fully loaded bike.

TownShip Break


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