Planning A Cycling Tour – Part 1

Planning A Cycling Tour

Cycle touring is something I’ve been passionate about for a long time now, and a prolonged trip was definitely in the works. Through university I took up cycling as a means to get to and from lectures without bowing down to the public transport extortionists. Never thought I’d be planning a cycling tour!

Europe is the logical place that cycle touring would work best. Distance between cities and towns are not out of reach for the avid cyclist, and culture pours from every side street.

I never¬†envisioned doing this by myself, so who better to join along the ride of a life time that your best mates who you’ve spent hundreds of hours traveling around Australia with. (Formerly known as Pigeon).

Meet The Cyclists

We decided to plan our trip to cycle from Germany to Croatia. This 2000km trip was the basis of our ambitions, and everyone bought bikes. We plan to leave in August 2017.

Our rough plans are to Arrive in Frankfurt (Germany), travel to Czech Republic, Austria, Hungry, Croatia and any adjacent countries we see fit. Our trip will last 6 weeks until we must return to Frankfurt and fly home, filled with experience and hopefully a little bit lighter!

We’ve done a few camping trips so far in preparation for the mammoth journey, along with plenty of laps around the river. I feel that over the next 9 months, the planning and the training will be something that if documented, anyone would be able to apply and pursue on their own.

I like to believe that there is a time in your 20’s that you begin to question your life’s path, somewhere in the transition between education, employment and happiness. We have coined the term the “Quarter Mid Life Crisis”.

Up until we leave for this trip, I will be documenting the research, planning, reviewing, routing and organising that goes into such a trip, so that hopefully you will also be able to do the same.

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Until next time!