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Europe Planning – Frankfurt To Berlin By Train

Frankfurt To Berlin by Train

This is the first post i’m doing where i’m actually planning our the parts of our route. Its a little bit of an amalgamation from online questions and bits of research.

We are flying Korean Airlines return to Frankfurt in August this year! Its a little bit scary to think we only have 6 months left until we fly out.

We stop over in Korea (Seoul) for around 19 hours, and have made contact with Korean Air to hopefully be put into a hotel for the night (maybe even travel into the city for dinner!).

Once we arrive in Frankfurt, we will probably stay the night to assemble our bikes and check out the grand city in all of its glory!

Our plan is to take the train from Frankfurt to Berlin. I asked around and found a few really great resources which should help us get there without too much trouble.

There is always the ICE train which is a little more expensive, but much faster than the regional trains.

With the “Quer-durchs-Land-Ticket” (Day Ticket) you can use all regional trains in Germany for one day (44€). Regional trains all have a section for bikes. Travel time will take up to 9 hours. So it is possible in one day.

Local/regional trains can be ridden with only the extra bike ticket and no reservation. The website states that groups from 6 people need to make reservations there too, not sure if they would care that much though.

By the looks of it, we can take up to 4 extra people for 8€ each, so i think that will work for us.  Slow trains and constant transfers can be drag though. Go with some friends, take a crate of beer, and some games and it’s bearable.

With the ticket I mentioned above, we will still need an extra bike ticket for everyone. With the “Quer durchs Land Ticket” we can only use local transport (check box when searching on bahn.de), so no ICE, IC … with a normal ticket you could bring our bikes on the IC, but for that we would have to make a reservation for the bikes.

Apparently, That doesn’t include the bicycle though. It is probably cheaper to just buy the ticket for the connection you need in advance.

I think we will book in advance, but ensuring to look up how many connections are listed as they range from 3 to 6+ transfers (8:30-9:30 hours), and those are a pain with bikes.

Another helpful user once took the IC. They said that was flawless. You have to check the “Fahrradmitnahme” Option on the www.Bahn.de Website to find connections where you can take a bike with.

Another opportunity might be the New connection from locomore.com but they only stop on Frankfurt south, not on main station.

Until Next Time!